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  1. Ok, so I posted this under general, but reposting it here, due to the favortism factor? How have you other men responded to the issue? We were doing basic VS and transfers in lab today, to show how we can take them before we get to clinical.

    For starters, we went to use lab's tympanic thermometer....batteries are dead, so we just showed technique. Ok, fine, I understand that. We got 2 chances to be within 2 beats and 1 respiration on those skills. Got those right on. Transfer was from bed to w/c...verbalized entire way, got help, explained steps, stayed bent with gait belt, and no prob. On b/p, other woman went first. We had been told at 9:55 we would have to show the 2-step method. She pumped up cuff, noted spot of pulse oblit, then deflated. Instructor immediately failed her. I attempted to explain what had happened and instructor stated "I taught one-step in class". Ok, but we were just told to show 2-steps! So, when I went, did it with every verbal step. First time through, I couldn't hear a thing. Turns out the double steth was turned wrong way. I've never used that kind before. So, I got another chance. I understand that. Then, taking B/P, my systolic was right but my diastolic was 6 beats off. She let me go again, then I was within 2 for diastolic.

    The issue I'm having is the "1/2 step issue". Should the partner have failed for taking a 2-step? Is it my partner's responsibility to explain this issue to instructor? Should we have just known? Should I have gotten 3 chances when my partner didn't get to demo once? Seemed like a little favortisim to me. Everyone I talked to got 2 chances, but I feel like my not turning steth should have been counted as a chance. I'm not a person comfortable with favortisim, and almost want to shout"No, make me do it again!!" Thoughts?
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