Male UK student nurse's, starting in september.

  1. Hello everyone.

    I hope you are all very well.

    So my degree starts in just under ten days, and to be totally honest with you all I am very nervous and anxious.

    I am currently the systems manager for the whole of the UK for a large global company, and yesterday I had to do a presentation to the minister of parliament for pension reform and that was less nerve racking then what I am experiencing now.

    I was wondering is there anyone out there experiencing what I am going through now or previously and what they did to help calm yourself. I am generally a very confident person but this is a whole different ball game and I am frankly quite scared.

    Is there anyone going to the university of the west of England for the September 2006 intake, if so would be great to hear from you. If not it would be great to hear from anyone with advice.
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  3. by   Roy Fokker
    Hi magichands,

    Being nervous - is good. Yes, you read that right! Being nervous, is a good thing! It means your brain is still working and you haven't completely descended into mindless panic

    Just remember - nervous is ok - panic is not. You said it yourself - you are a very confident person. Believe in this, because it's the truth. Self confidence makes a worlds difference in our perception of reality

    Lots of new students experience anxiety and nervousness before University - it's part of the normal process. Slowly, your brain will start feeling less anxious but will start to feel more traumatized. By the time your ready to graduate, your brain will be so traumtised as to be numb - see, this way there will be no more anxiety, nervousness or anything else of that sort

    Just joking. Nursing school is tough - but it isn't unbeatable.