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I had a meeting about my low C's (75%) in class with my instructor and she asked me point blank "do I want to be a nurse." I almost said no, I wanted to be an MD or lawyer but just remained stoic.... Read More

  1. by   Deano49
    I have been a RN for 12 years and what I can tell all you guys is this. When you become a licensed nurse, you become an equal, although not yet experienced, an equal. The educator's are temporary in your life, good or bad, it will one day be over. This field is so unlimited, the sky is the limit. I have worked ER, Trauma, Home Health, Youth commission, was the DON for a hospital for a number of years. I have settled in as a Dialysis RN, and I do enjoy it very much. As for as OB is concerned, it is over rated, LOL...It was my hardest rotation as well, but all things come to an end....Head up, Chest out, New attitude tomorrow, and see the finish line....Any questions, advice, just ask.... Deano49, 49 years young.....LOL...Have a great day...Merry Christmas...