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Just getting ready to graduate soon and want to get feedback on what is the best footwear to take care of my feet. I have looked at dansco shoes but not really enjoying the overall look of the shoe on guys.

Any other suggestions?

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It's not about how they look but about how they feel! If Danskos are comfortable, wear them! They're supportive, and comfortable, which is going to mean more to you than looks after 11.5 hours on your feet!

I know guys who wear Birkenstocks and swear by them, but they aren't comfortable to me. My husband wears either steel toed boots (he's a transport nurse and has been run over by beds a time or two) or hiking boots. Hiking shoes work, too -- supportive and meant to be worn all day. Running shoes aren't a good idea -- they're built to keep everything (feet, ankles, knees, hips) in line and moving forward, but nurses stop, start, stand and pivot rather than walk forward all day.

Spend enough money to get good, sturdy, comfortable and supportive footwear and don't worry so much about the looks!

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I wear nike air force 1. It is feels and looks good