Making a resume help? Don't know if I should list CNA and how?


Hello All-

I have a quick question: I currently don't have my CNA yet and I am scheduled to get it by the end of May. I want to start applying for jobs now for over the summer when I am on my break at school. All the jobs require that I send in a resume, but as of now I have no CNA certification on it. I'm afraid they won't even consider my application because I don't yet have my certification, but when Spring/Summer rolls around I will have it.

Is there any way I can list on my resume that I am expected to take this class and will have my certification by May 31, 2009? What would be the correct way to go about listing that?


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You can list your pending certification under the education portion in your resume. It's the same concept as listing the degree you're working on, along with an anticipated date of completion.

I did mine this way and had no problems with it. Good luck with your class!

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i agree. i would list it under the education part of your resume.

maybe something like:

abc nurse aide training program

-january 2009 to current

certification to be completed may 31, 2009

i don't know your exact dates but this would let them know you are in the class now.

while we're on the subject of resumes, i've been thinking about the objective portion of mine. can i ask what yours says? i don't start my class until march 2nd, but i'm trying to get stuff done now.

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