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Making a resume for acceptance into CNA program?

by lisamarie0722 lisamarie0722 (New) New

I'm trying to apply to the CNA program they have here but they want a resume and I have absolutely NO clue what to put on it? I'm not sure what they are looking for. Any help would be appreciated!:loveya:

I am not sure why they want a resume. I would put what history you have and i am wondering maybe a paragraph of why you want to do the class and get certified. I'm sorry i can't be much more help. We didn't have to do anything like this.

That's unusual....it seems like cna programs in certain areas are making it more difficult to even get in the program :icon_roll. I would just tailor your past work experience so it will stand out to a healthcare professional....ie...working with people, teamwork, think quickly on your feet. And add why you want to join the healthcare field.

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