University of Southern Maine: ABSN, Summer 2011!

  1. Just checked on Firefox as my Internet Explorer wasn't loading the Portal... found out online I got into USM for their ABSN program that would start this summer! Anyone else hear some good news? At least now I know I'm going SOMEWHERE for nursing!
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  3. by   mef06011
    I did too!! I've been totally applied since September, and I have been checking it a little too often....but just found it today while I was in class! I'm just so excited that I am accepted somewhere (its the first school I've heard back from)!
  4. by   NoleMercy
    Mef -- congrats. Me too Where else did you apply? It's such a relief to know I got in somewhere ya know? No back up plan scrambling!
  5. by   mef06011
    I applied a lot of places actually...I kind of went overboard, just because I was so worried about not being accepted. I also didn't apply to a whole lot of colleges and didn't have too many options when I did have to make a choice, and I didn't want to do that again.

    I applied to just ABSN programs and also combined BSN/MSN Nurse-Midwifery specialty programs.
    ABSN: USM, UMass--Amherst, NYU, UMiami, SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Downstate
    Combined: Seattle U, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins

    Where else did you apply? Congrats, and good luck!!
  6. by   NoleMercy
    awesome! How were your grades? I already have a master's, so I applied with a 3.69 undergrad, and 3.87 M.S. GPA. Also run rescue squad as an EMT for 3 years (volunteer), and maybe a 3.38 in pre-reqs (working full time too).

    Where is USM on your "list"?
  7. by   mef06011
    I'm applying straight out of undergrad (3.89 GPA) and shadowed two independent practice midwives while I studied abroad in Cape Town and really changed my whole life plan. I was planning to go into maternal and child public health, and was really passionate about midwifery care, but didn't think that I actually would be a midwife. Then I saw my first birth, and I guess the rest is history

    I really think its going to come down a lot to financial aid for me. Although I would love to go into a combined program and not have to reapply to graduate schools, all three of them are really expensive and totally out of reach without serious scholarships. So I guess I will just have to wait and see.

    I do love Portland though, and one of my best friends lives there. I also really like that I would have the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic for one of the clinical rotations. I really loved being out of the country, I (obviously) learned a lot!

    What about you?
  8. by   NoleMercy
    USM is #2, with a tie with VCU and Duke. Duke though is I think a little out of my grasp both admission wise, but also financially. I don't think in good faith I could think I would be able to afford the probably 80K in loans it would be ultimately for the program. USM is definitely more financially sound, and I actually like the idea of a smaller program. So we'll see. I'd be happy going to any of the aforementioned places -- hence why I applied. We'll see. I do have family that lives in NH so it would be nice to be close to them too -- so we shall see I suppose.

    From what I've read about years past, I was so afraid about if I would get in -- last year they had over 250 or something applicants for 30 or so spots.Sheesh!
  9. by   mef06011
    I just got my official letter today, and we have to commit by January 15th!!!

    I won't find out if I'm accepted anywhere else by then! I have no idea what I'm going to do. I can't believe we have to commit that fast, and without getting our financial aid. Womp womp.
  10. by   NoleMercy
    sheesh--- I haven't gotten my letter yet since I'm house sitting. I'm in the same boat... maybe it's worth calling tomorrow to ask them what can be done? I saw on my student portal it's $100 deposit. you probably could pay that, and if you backed out, you're just out $100. but I would call and ask them about it... I mean what is the worst they could say?
  11. by   NoleMercy
    Mef, have you heard from anywhere else? I paid my deposit, and figure I'll just lose it if I get into VCU.

    Best of wishes,
  12. by   mef06011
    Haven't heard anything yet, so I sent in my deposit a couple days ago. If worse comes to worse, I've heard good things about their program, and I love portland!
  13. by   NoleMercy
    mef -- any news from anywhere else?

    also -- anyone else lurking around, that got in?
  14. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    I applied, I was not too impressed. I knew walking out of the interview that I was not chosen. The woman who interviewed me was fixated on my extra curricular activities and the fact that I am a single parent. She really didnt like me. I have not gotten my letter yet, but if I get a yes, then the woman with ice in her veins who interviewed me really took the chill out of me and sent it home with me. She should not be the school mascot with that witty attitude.