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    I just found out kind of last minute that i'm going to begin the nursing program Fort Kent next month. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on the area and maybe some suggestions on how to look for housing. I'm coming from Colorado and it seems like I can't find anything on craigslist for that area, I do have my dog coming with me as well! I'll be going up there the first week of august to look for a place and would like to have some options to look at when I go up!

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  3. by   COMountaineer88
    Hey there! I cannot answer your question but can relate to you. I will be attending USM's nursing program this fall and am also coming from Colorado and bringing a dog. From my research, Maine does not have a lot of large corporate apartment complexes like Colorado. A lot of housing is ran by landlords instead. I got lucky and found an actually apartment complex with a few dozen units. I hope you find something soon!
  4. by   FuzzySocks58
    Hi! I'm a current nursing student at UMFK, so I can answer your question. Northern Maine in general is extremely rural, but the town of Fort Kent itself is fine. As far as housing, there aren't many (any?) apartment complexes, it's mostly apartments scattered around town above businesses, people's basements, that sort of thing. Everyone's very friendly and mostly supportive of the University and the students. It might be tricky with a dog, but it's doable. Here's a link that might be helpful: Incompatible Browser. You might also want to contact St. John Valley Realty, they usually have places available. Welcome to Maine!
  5. by   Berrytime
    How did your experience finding housing go? I'll be moving to FK this summer and am currently looking for dog-friendly housing.
  6. by   Littm1ak
    Hi! I am currently a student at UMFK, there are only 2 places I know of that allows dogs. My apartment complex allows dogs and is about 10 miles outside of town. It is called Heritage Trail
  7. by   saskrn
    If you're desperate and don't mind a bit of a drive, you can always consider other towns outside of Fort Kent like Madawska, or even Caribou. Caribou is a little far, but it's a bit bigger so you may have more options. And definitely speak with realtors, because many know people who rent houses but don't advertise, or they act as property managers for different rental properties.

    As far as Craigslist goes, I doubt that it will be of much help. Any time I've ever looked, it's mostly focused on the southern part of the state.

    It can be difficult to find housing that accepts pets. Everybody has dogs here, so you'd think they're would be more options. In the past I've spoken with people who will reconsider their pet policy if you ask. Many will consider dogs, but seldom cats.

    Also, I would definitely check out the different local paper(s) online. For example, here's a link for the Fiddlehead Focus rentals:

    FiddleHead Focus | Classifieds | Classifieds | Rentals

    Fort Kent is rural and somewhat isolated, so you need to be a bit resourceful!

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