Portland NP Opportunities?

  1. Hi Mainers,

    I am moving to Maine and wondered what opportunities are like for NPs in the Portland area. What's the city like? What is practice like for FNPs? Salary? Are there things to do in the winter? How's the housing market? Any general info would help! Thanks!
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  3. by   shoesc
    Hi Maineboundapn,

    I was curious what you ended up learning about the job market in Maine (what is practice as an FNP like here, salary range, etc)? I am a new NP in Maine and currently job hunting. Would appreciate any advice and insights you might be able to share.

  4. by   Maineboundapn
    Hi shoesc,

    I had no problem with finding job opportunities as an FNP, but I did have an issue with a very low salary range compared to my home state of NJ. Given Maine's property taxes, cost of living in Portland is about comparable to where I was living, and the initial salary offerings were running about 20K lower than what I was used to in NJ. I had to negotiate well and I refused to take the multiple low ball offers I received, and as a result do have a decent paying wage over the six figure mark. Know what you are worth as a provider and do NOT settle for an RN level wage. As a new grad it is important to remember that you are no longer a cost to the organization like you were as an RN, and instead are a revenue generator who is going to make the organization money. Make sure you are aware of other benefits being offered on addition to salary, such as CME, vacation, benefits, CME time, etc. I also received a lot of interest from recruiters for working in other parts of Maine, but did not pursue them as I was only interested in the Portland area. It does seem that there are good opportunities to work in more rural areas that will make you eligible for loan forgiveness, which is something you may also be interested in pursuing depending upon what part of Maine you are interested in. I recommend becoming a member of MNPA, as they have a job board with postings with names and contact information for NP jobs all over the state.

    Best of luck in your job search, and NEGOTIATE!