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Hi! I have just finished my application to CMMC school of nursing in Lewiston, ME. I am just wondering if there are any other 2011 applicants or even current students out there, hoping we could talk.... Read More

  1. by   katefin
    thank you reply is much appreciated,,,
  2. by   katefin
    Hi all can you give me some idea about the Kaplan admission test...Thank you,,
  3. by   BrittneyLynn
    The Kaplan was difficult, but not nearly as hard as I had originally thought. Brush up on your A&P, fractions, decimals, percentages, and basic dosage and calculations. Best of luck!!!!
  4. by   BrittneyLynn
    Hi there. Glad to have found someone else out there who is trying to get in to CMMC nursing program this fall. I just took the Kaplan test on Aug. 8th. I thought it was difficult, but not nearly as hard as I was initially expecting! What were your thoughts on it? I am just praying to God my score was high enough to get me in to the program. Are you applying for the day or evening program? I am trying to get in to the evening program, as this fits perfectly with my family's schedule. I have three little kids, so my husband could watch them in the evenings while I went to class. For my essay I wrote about a person who has had a significant influence on my life. How about you? What was your topic? I am waiting on my old high school to get back to me about my transcript. I need to prove I took a biology class and passed, so I am trying to get that and then my application will be complete. I am so nervous about what my chances are on getting accepted. I am on the wait list at SMCC, but want SO badly to go to CMMC! I currently have a 3.7 GPA and feel comfortable with my essay, I am just really stressing over whether my score on the Kaplan was high enough. Any idea on what others may have scored who took the test? Its tough waiting it out until October to get a final decision huh? Feel free to look me up on FB if you like Brittney Brown (Brittney Morin-Brown)
  5. by   BrittneyLynn
    Oops..this was meant for an earlier message, but posted here. Oh well.. anyone who is attending CMMC feel free to message me or find me on FB. I have lots of questions and any and all advice is welcome! So nervous awaiting the final decision on accepted or rejected...find out in October! Fingers crossed and praying daily!!
  6. by   Gibbies_Girl
    I just found this! I'm starting this Fall, also! Very excited and totally nervous!!! I have almost all of my books (been slowly gathering them since they sent out the updated list). Picked up my uniform on Friday; made it feel that much more real! I have all the Gen Eds completed except Pharm & Micro (I'll be another one taking those next summer). I warned my husband that once school starts he will be on his own for many things, LOL. I'm really glad that I took Dosage Calcuations at SMCC (since it was a prereq to apply to their program). After looking through the math book it is the same stuff. I was accepted to SMCC's program, but I would have had to wait until Fall 2013 to begin the nursing courses! Thankfully CMMC accepted me.
    I'm a Bridgton person. I read that they do the simulcast lectures in Bridgton, but I cannot find any additional information on it. Who do you think would be the best to talk to about that? I'm not working and my husband is military, so we really cannot afford high fuel bills (it is an hour for me to get to the main campus).
  7. by   BrittneyLynn
    Congrats on getting accepted in to CMMC's program! I am a current student at SMCC also and applied for the spring RN evening program at CMMC. I will find out in October if I am accepted or not. I have almost all my pre-reqs done. I am taking A&P1, Dosage and Calculations, plus an elective class this semester at SMCC, so I will only have A&P2, Micro, and Pharmacology left when I begin the program. I live in West Paris, so if you do find out about the simulcast in Bridgton please let me know, as this would be much closer for me to attend then Lewiston as well! Did you take CMMC's Kaplan nurse entrance exam? I am trying to figure out my chances on getting in to the program. I know they base it on your kaplan score, GPA, and essay. I have a very good GPA, feel my essay was well written, etc, but am wondering if my score on the Kaplan was high enough? I hate I have to wait until October to get the decision! I am so nervous and excited to begin my nursing courses! I have three small children,currently work two jobs (per diem), and know that once I do begin classes I will also be leaving a lot for my husband to handle!! lol Feel free to look me up on facebook (Brittney Brown-Morin). I would love to hear how everyone is liking the program, their thoughts, concerns and fears, etc! I want to be prepared for it all!
  8. by   JLChasteen
    Hi! I am supposed to be going to the Farmington spot to get my ITV classes, but I am going to drive to campus instead. I live in the waterville area, so really its about 45 minutes no matter which one I go to. There are obvious advantages to going to campus.. first of all there are places to study, more students to meet with, all of the teachers are there and you can ask questions in person.. I just think it just makes more sense to drive to the school if it is at all possible for you. There are just more resources on campus!
  9. by   katefin
    HI there Brittney I didn't take the Kaplan Test yet because the dean advices me first
    to apply in World Education Services to evaluate my transcripts because I got a
    Nursing Degree in The Philippines I'm still waiting for the results though the Dean and the
    Registrar checked my transcripts they said if my Education is valid in US they just gonna give me
    a One year to take the course so I can take the NCLEX and the course will be on Fall 2012..
    maybe If my transcript is fine I'm gonna start completing all the requirements for admission..
    Hopefully I can complete the application till January,,
    Good luck to us!!!hopefully we can get in,,
  10. by   BrittneyLynn
    Well good luck to you and I hope they will accept your credits!! I work a friend at the nursing home who is a registered nurse and she came from the Philipines. However, she got her license here in the states.