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Main Line Health

Anyone have experience working at these facilities? They have magnet status and nurse residency programs which looks great. How is their l/d and pediatric units? Are they accepting new grads? I'm hoping to start there (or anywhere lol ) once I graduate.

Great health system with lots of opportunities. Only Bryn Mawr has peds. All of the hospitals have Maternity. Keep an eye out for their residency postings. They only higher new grads through that path. Also try to get an extern or tech position. That will get your foot in the door. Starting $30ish/hr. Good luck!

thank you for the feedback! i will definitely take a look into the new grad program :)

ive been doing a bit of research, and some of the older threads make it sound like its difficult to get hired, even through the nurse residency program, is that just because of connections or are they super picky?


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