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Madison New Grad ADN??

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Hi Everyone!

I am graduating in December so am beginning to apply for RN jobs. I will be an ADN nurse although I have already started in a BSN program. My boyfriend got offered a job in Madison and I am hoping I can find a job there too! I am scared about finding a hospital RN job as a new grad with an ADN though, preferably med surg. They only have 4 hospitals in Madison and from it looks now Meriter and VA aren't hiring med/surg RNs and UW only hires BSNs. Does anyone have any tips for the area?? I am going to apply to Milwaukee area too just in case but Madison is my preference. Thanks!

Ruby Vee, BSN

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Madison is great! I lived there for five years and worked both at Madison General (now gone, sadly) and the UW. Since you're already enrolled in a BSN program, would you be able to continue working on your degree while in Madison? If you're enrolled in a BSN program through the UW, would they hire you as an ADN? Are you interested in something other than Med/Surg? Med/Surg is the ideal place to start, but rehab, oncology, or any one of a number of other services may be interesting. The UW has at least four ICUs (or it did when I worked there) with associated step-down units. Are the stepdowns hiring?

Where exactly in Madison is your boyfriend's job located. West side? East Side? Any chance you could look for work in LaCrosse (Gunderson is GREAT!) and find a place to live between the two. It would be a long commute, but mostly interstate. Alternatively, if you land a 12 hour position in Milwaukee, could you work your three days in a row, then drive to Madison to spend time with your boyfriend? Lots of options!

Out of curiosity, where are you moving FROM?