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I am currently going through the application process for direct entry NP programs. I have been accepted to BC, Simmons, and UMASS Worcester. I decided against the first two as they do not have an acute care specialty. I am still waiting to hear from Northeastern and MGH. Does anyone have any opinions on UMASS versus Northeastern? I live closer to Northeaster,, however I prefer the program at UMASS, at least on paper....its cheaper as well. Does anyone know about the reputation of these schools in nursing in general?



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I don't know about UMASS W but Northeastern has a great program and is highly revered in the profession as are the first two you've decided against.

Good luck to you !


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I don't know much about the programs....but I have heard great things about nurses coming out of both programs. I think at UMass you will do all your clinical rotations at Umass Medical in Worcester. Northeastern probably varies it a little bit between the different boston hospitals. I've had friends who've done NU clinicals at the Brigham and Beth Israel.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

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