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MA.... over my head?

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I'm a Medical Assistant who started my job about a month ago.

I'm going back to school for nursing, and when I was doing my MA clinicals I was working at an Assisted Living Community also, I decided to not pursue employment as an MA solely because I loved my work. I was asked to be a Med tech/shift leader on my third day. I was constantly praised for great work and always picking up extra shifts. Sure, I wasn't perfect, but I did get great compliments from my coworkers and the management. Then it all started going wrong. There was a lot of... dirty moves played by the management. It started to rear its ugly head, and I started to realize that corporate didn't care about us. We were just helping some CEO on the East coast buy a third vacation home. I couldn't stand it. So I left on great terms and pursued employment as an MA.


The management is ever so fabulous. I can tell I work at a non-profit! But there's a catch. I feel like I'm getting it, but I'm constantly so worried that I'm not good enough. I don't know if it's my work location or not. I got moved for a week with another doctor because I came off a little too strong and I had to have "the talk" which was horrifying in itself... I was just frustrated, but I know there's no excuse for it. It wasn't that big of a deal, and now that I'm back in my primary location it's going a lot better. But I just feel like there's a dark cloud hovering behind me constantly.

I don't know. I know it's only been a month. It's terrifying, because the management is incredible and the corporation is fantastic, but I just don't know about the work. Compared to being really good at a job with management I couldn't stand... I don't know what's worse. I'm starting to think I'm in over my head and I should have never left working long term care.


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