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Hello to all the fellow Medical assistants out there! I hardley see any posts about how the Medical assistants are doing, I start school in 2weeks and would love to hear tips and experiences! Have a blessed day!

Hello! Hope you like school so far!

I graduated from an accelerated CCMA class last summer, & got a job a few weeks before graduation. I absolutely love being an MA. My program was purely clinical, no office work, which for me was better. It was only a 2 month program, but very long hours for those 2 months! There is a lot of information to remember, but if you're interested in the body, it should be interesting, and not too difficult. Phlebotomy is the best! I'm not sure if you know yet or not that you will be practicing on each other lol, it is a little nerve wracking at first, but once you get the hang of it you will start to love it (at least i did!). Definitely practice as much as possible. If someone will let you take their blood pressure, or do an EKG, or offer up an arm, take the opportunity! The more practice, the better. My biggest suggestion is to start applying for jobs as soon as possible. Once you have all of the skills learned, you should start looking for a job. Most hospitals/doctors offices will offer you an interview if you plan on having your certification within the month (obviously the job offer is contingent on passing).

Well good luck with everything! If you have any questions, you can always ask me!

Thank you for the informative feedback! I will deff keep all those things in mind! Class is going great! My first week was a success!! Congrats on landing the job shortly after graduation!!

Hello everyone. I just made a career change from the legal field to the medical field. I'm currently enrolled in school working towards a degree to become a Medical Assistant and also plan on working towards a certificate to become a CNA as well. I'm very excited to be making such a career/life change.

The advice that has been given to me that stands out the most is to gain experience by volunteering (if you can) some place like an extended care facility, hospice or hospital. By them time you're done with school you can actually say that you have ______ months or _____ year(s) of experience by the time you start looking for work. This has been my biggest concern, because I'm already looking at the want ads in my area and most all of the ads require that you have a minimum of 1 year of experience.

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