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Hi all,

I have the opportunity to interview at Lyons VA hospital in NJ and was just wondering if anyone has any experience there, or in VA hospitals in general. I currently work for my local County government as a public health nurse but the opportunity to work for the federal government at a VA hospital is exciting. Any hints, advice, or insite would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have been a CNA at a VA hospital in TN for 9 years. I am now transitioning from CNA to LPN at the same VA. I will say that it is a whole different world. You have the real world and you have the VA world.

Uh oh. Guess that's a bad thing. I think it's in the Community Living section. Any insite on that? Please explain.

At our VA, community living is our nursing home. It includes long term rehab, extended care and hospice.

Have you worked there? What can you tell me about it? Interview was very vague just a lot of performance based questions read straight from a paper nothing personal at all.

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