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I thought all LVN's were the same and educated in the same areas. What is this I hear about LVN's specializing in home-care and I don't know the other terms? Someone told me I should specialize in a certain area.... So is LVN like a broad term? such as taking a computer course but specializing in computer graphics or programming etc.

I was thinking if you enter a LVN program you will learn about all the aspects, what does it mean to specialize in certain areas and why must we do that?

I also seen job listings looking for LVN nurses who have a education in "what not". Are there different kind of LVN's??

Specializes in Geriatrics.

You can be certified in other areas which will help you in the long run. For example one of my classmates is certified in phlebotomy. So she will be LPN after graduation with phlebotomy certification.

There are certifications that LVN/LPNs can obtain, but most do not bother with this. Have never seen a job posting for LPN/LVN that listed a required certification other than ACLS or PALS.

Wow that is so weird.... I thought LVN's would be qualified to do all that such as phlebotomy.

So we technically know how to draw blood but we are not really certified to do so??

Any recommendations on certifications a LVN should get? Since we have the knowledge is it just the point of applying and paying a fee for the certificate? or is there more to it.

Find out first which certification the job requires, then make arrangements through the job to obtain the certification. Most employers either do the training themselves or they pay for you to take the required course. If the job listing says that IV certification is required, you can do that on your own. Simply take the course at your LVN school; they usually have IV certification at the end after the regular course is complete. Or you can do an internet search to find an IV certification course near you. If you are in CA, go to the BVNPT website and find the list of IV cert/Blood Withdrawal course providers that is listed there. IV cert courses cost around $250 to $300.

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