LVN wondering will I ever get hired


Im an LVN who recieved my license in 2006. I had a baby and never worked, now when I go out to look for work you need 1 years experience everywhere. Does anyone have any idea on where I should go to apply? OK i just read on another post about a refresher course where would i find that at?


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I would like to know the answer to that question myself, where can I do a refresher Lpn course and would it help , even though our situation is the same,its not in a different ways I was working for the last 19 years in a LTC facility left my position relocated to Ohio thinking that I can get into another job easily ,did not even try to obtained a position before leaving since I wanted to take a few weeks break before getting caught in the crazyness of woring nonstop again (boy Did I regret that dicesion) it is almost a year and I cant get into a position except for agencies,and I am finding it very hard work going into nursing Homes blindly but have to preform as if you know the place. At this point I am at a loss as what to do and needless to say frustrated and worried. I need advise.


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i am reentering the healthcare field as a LPN after 25+ years, I took a 12 week refresher course it was online for the theory, and an additional 100 clinical hours. The name of the school was Capscare Academy it is located in Lake worth, fl. There were not that many refresher courses available for LPN"s in fl. also check out Kane seminars, they have a hands on refresher course for 1 full day ( I also took that one). I am just know applying for jobs and have just been sending out resumes, so hopefully before to long someone will give me a chance. Keep us updated and I will do the same