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Hi everyone. I am an LVN with a 1 1/2 yrs experience in a SNF but I am thinking of switching to HH. Never done HH before so I am feeling a little scared. The reason why I want to do HH is because of the flexibility of schedule that it affords since I am going to school part time to get my RN degree. I live in SoCal and would like to know what the rate is for an LVN and do agencies give orientation/training before they let you out on your own? Also, is it typically per hr or per visit pay? Thanks a lot for your help. This is a wonderful forum and a great help to me!


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Go back into the home health forum and find older threads that will discuss some of your questions. There are many posts that give good info. Generally, you can do two kinds of home health: per visit and shift, or continuous care. Per visit entails one or more visits to different clients per day with set minimums per week. Shift work is just that, four to 16 hour shifts for one or more clients. Per visit rates are typically higher than hourly pay rates, but you have to consider driving time and other costs associated with doing several visits rather than going to one home for a shift. Have noticed that agencies who advertise and include their rates of pay, have been lowering their rates in SoCal. For example, one agency is currently advertising on the internet and within the last month, changed from $17-$20 in their ads, to $17-$18 for LVNs. The average is usually $18 an hour, visits can range from $25-$35 a visit for LVNs. HTH

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