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Hey guys ! I thought it would be smart to start a thread on the LVN program in tarrant county for the 2018 year! I am willing to drive out my way for this program and can't wait to become a nurse after being a PCT for 3 years ! I have a C in AP 1 and a B in psychology which are the pre reqs and I will be taking the Hesi in December 2017, I am confident I will score high however .... the math portion! I am not the best in math but I will be studying my butt off! I am so determined and wanted to know has anyone else taken it yet?! Can't wait to get in and learn together ! I will eventually maybe start a Facebook page where we can advise each other and keep in contact

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Hi Cbatiste!!! I will be applying for Fall 2018 as well! Here are my stats:

BIOL 2401: C

PSYC 2301: A


MATH: 70





I don't know if these stats will be good enough. If I can, I'm going to retake my A&P I but not the HESI. I'm tired of taking that thing lol I've been a PCT for almost 7 years now and I'm going to try and do the credit-by-exam to test out of that one VNSG class that they have stated on the website. I'm really excited. I'm ready to start as well. Hope to hear from you soon :)


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I think You will def get in! I have a first choice nursing program that I am trying to get into its Weatherford county and it's easier to get into just maybe 15 more minutes further to drive from Forth worth. I've only been a PCT for 4 years and went to orientation for them last week for more info.


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I submitted my application last week and I'm already dreading the wait.

A&P I: A


1. Grammar: 92

2. Vocabulary: 86

3. Math: 98

4. Reading: 88

Overall: 91