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Hello, I am searching for a good school to be a LVN. If anyone has any advice, suggestions etc i would appreciate it!! Thanks

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I attended Casa Loma College, more specifically the Van Nuys campus. Casa Loma also operates a campus with an LVN program in Hawthorne.

I recommend you attend any LVN program offered at a community college or adult education school due to the cheaper tuition. There's the El Monte Rosemead Adult School, the Hacienda La Puente Adult Education School, San Bernardino Adult School, Downey Adult School, Beaumont Adult School, the Mount Baldy ROP, and many more.

Although I attended an expensive LVN program at a private trade school, I would not recommend attending one. It does not make much sense to pay between $20,000 and $35,000 for the chance to work as an LVN when you can attain the same education for less than half the cost. In addition, the LVN job market in southern California is terrible right now, so you would not want to be stuck with thousands of dollars in student loan debt with no job to repay it. Good luck to you.


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Thank you for your help and advice


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I just got accepted to the pre-vn course at Downey Adult School. This is a 5 week course, and then the 30 top students are brought back for the LVN program. The total cost of the program is 10,099 dollars with 2000 due on the first day for books and supplies. There is financial aid, and if you qualify it will pay for 5,550 dollars of it. The rest you can arrange a payment plan. They have a gread NCLEX pass rate as well.