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LVN Salary - San Antonio, Tx

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Hello! :)

I was wondering if there were any LVN's (or anyone) out there that can tell me what the average starting salary is for an LVN in San Antonio, TX. I am currently attending school and planned on going to school to be an RN, but because of certain circumstances I'm not sure I'll be able to, so I'm planning on going to school for LVN because it takes less time. Hopefully some day I can do a bridge program to become an RN.

I know the salary may be different depending on facility, so any information would be great. I have always wanted to be a nurse so I want to get started on my career regardless of whether it's an LVN or RN, but being an RN is my ultimate goal.

Any information would be appreciated! Thanks! :D

In nursing homes it is usually $18.00 + shift differential (if they have one). I have been told that in the hospital it is usually $14 with benefits, $18 without benefits, plus shift differential, weekend differential, etc. I'm not 100% sure on those hospital numbers, a friend who worked at Baptist told me those. I worked at 2 nursing homes, so those numbers are from experience.

BTW, don't wait too long to go back and get your RN! Sometimes people take a break, then get comfortable and never go back!