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Im thinking of doing the 30 unit option and I wanted to know of any schools that have this program and do you think there is a waiting list.

Thanks Alot for all your feedback!


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what is the 30 unit option if you don't mind me asking?

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The 30 unit option is only availible in california. The Rn license is not valid in any other state. Basically, it is a program where the requirements are only microbiology, anatomy & physiology. You then are allowed to do 1 year of RN school and take the NCLEX. It's the quickest way for LVN's to become RN's out here, only issue is that if they ever want to move out of state, the license is no good.

As far as I know, every california school has a wait list. Doesn't matter if you do the 30 unit option or not.

You'd have to contact individual schools and websites to see if they do it. I know all of the community college around riverside and san bernardino county offer it. Good luck!


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I'm not sure where you are located. LVN to RN transition program is only one year. You'll have to show proof of your LVN license, and also do Micro, Physio and Anatomy prior to the consideration.

Normally, you'll have to wait until some people that started from beginning of RN program drop out -- then, the admission goes into the LVNs who applied and pull them out from the list. Then, you'll join those students for one year to finish your RN program.

From my knowledge, schools in Bay Area that have LVN to RN transition program -- College of San Mateo, City College of San Francisco, De Anza college, Evergreen community college, San Jose state university, San Francisco state university.


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Specializes in Adult Home Care & Long Term Care. completely right...however to add to it...if you ever plan on furthering your education or career..and need additional training..the 30 unit program wont do you any good because...with that program you are a licensed rn but without an associates degree...

There are schools that offer it, but also they discourage you from taking it. Just take the general education that you need for your associates. You can move on to a BSN from there, with the 30 unit option, I was told you wont have that opportunity to do the ADN or BSN once you've completed the 30 unit option. You can only take your sciences one semester at a time anyway, might as well as fill the semesters with general education. I would recommend doing the ADN and NOT THE 30 UNIT OPTION. But in the end it's up to you. Good Luck

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