Okay, so I am living in California and my husband is in the military! and we are possibly moving to AZ next year! So I really want to start online with Excelsior asap because I cannot transfer schools if I get into a nursing program around here. My husband is getting out of the military April 2017, so we will be going back to Florida(originally from FL) but all I have been hearing is bad things about Excelsior grads and florida not accepting Excelsior grads?? is this true?? A lot of the posts are from a while ago and I would like fresh input from somebody that is kinda in my situation! If you could give me as much info as you can, that would be great!!!

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Current state board requirements are on the EC site: Excelsior College | State Board Requirements

No issues with Florida - there are plenty of EC grads I know personally working in Florida.