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Hi everyone. I graduated as an LVN in 2017 and now is working the job the I've always wanted but something inside of me is hungry for more knowledge and education. I decided that since I don't have any children yet, maybe this is the best time to go back to school. I decided to look into Carrington college in Sacramento. Unfortunately, I went to a private college for my LVN so the prereps that I took there cannot be transfer over so Carrington is having me do their VND program, which is 16 months long and then I can bridge to the RN program if I keep up with my GPA. Their requirement is to pass the teas test with a 62% or higher and Have 3.0 or higher. The admission rep told me that I should focus on my GPA more because or the best GPA will get considered into the program. My friend that took their prereps there had a 3.5 GPA and did exceptionally well on her TEAS test but still couldn't get in. I believe she told me that they only accept 21-24 student per term. But the good thing about taking their prereps is that you can apply to any other RN program like junior colleges or universities. The whole prereps program cost about 22,000 and their RN program is about 37,000. In total about 58,000. Anyone that attended their VND program have any tips on getting that 3.8-4.0 GPA? I work full-time night shift so do you think I will be able to do it? I'm scare and nervous at the same time. Any tips and information about their VND program, please let me know. Thank you.

Carrington is still in business? I thought the government shut them down? Are they even accredited? You won't get a job as an RN without ACEN accreditation.

Yes it's still in business. I heard good stories about this program. It is accredited in California. You can check in the state gov page as well.

I didn't go through their VND program but my friends who are taking the program say it's a good program, the instructors are great, tutoring is offered, and to take advantage of the tools provided to you. Its probably best to team up with a classmate to help one another get through and get good grades throughout your prerequisite classes. Good luck!

Hello I was wondering if anyone could tell me which books I should buy so that I can study for the entrance exam?


For the entrance, I used the ATI practice test directly from their site because they also will send you a study brooklet if you buy their practice exams. The booklet really helped out a lot and was very informational. I scored a 78. My friend also used the book " TEAS for Dummies" book and she scored very well too. Maybe that will help?

@Firefly1009 I purchased the ATI practice book and Both A & B practice tests through the ATI website. I think you really just need a passing rate for Carrington however, they may be more competetive with each new group. I recommend attempting to get a score around 70%, but I got in with a 65. This school tends to focus on GPA versus TEAS score.

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