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LVN - RN ARC program 2020

by Katiee Katiee (New) New

Hey everyone!!

I applied to the LVN-RN program at ARC for the Summer 2020. They told me they would let us know within four to five weeks. Deadline was February 28th. I haven't heard anything yet and I'm not sure if that is because of all the craziness going on today or I just missed the email. Am I the only one?

scorpiodez, ADN, RN

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They sent out notifications to the los rios email on Monday night. I did not get selected into the lottery.


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I was selected as an alternate for Fall 2020!

I was informed that I have until the beginning of the fall semester (Aug 22) to get accepted. Does anyone else have more information? ie. how many spots there are and how many typically get accepted?

This was my third time applying to ARC


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Hi All,

Can someone tell me if this program has the LVNs in their won cohort, or is this one of those programs that drop you into the third semester with the current RN cohort?

Thanks so much!