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I have been out of nursing for 20 years. I recently decided to re-enter the field, studied for a couple of weeks and passed the NCLEX. Now I am wondering if there is a refresher course so I can confidently re-enter the hospital setting? I have already done both BLS and ACLS as well as IV certification.


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Have you considered a Kaplan review course that nursing students take to pass their boards? They are pretty comprehensive.


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It is so good to hear that I am not the only one. I have been out of nursing for 21 years, and am now studying for the NCLEX-PN.

I know of some review courses in California, if that is where you are located.

I also have a question, if you do not mind.

What did you use to study for the NCLEX. and how do you have any tips.

I have heard horror stories of the test and good stories too.

Just would like some insite.


Let me know if you are located in CA, I can give you some places for refresher.



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I have also been out of the nursing field for over 10 years and I am located in California. I would like to know if any one knows of any refresher courses that I could take to get back into the hospital setting. Thank you in advance.:nurse:

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It is interesting that most people have difficulty finding nurse refresher courses. I have not been able to find one, either. I have been an LPN since 2006, so, this is not an issue for me, but I have often wondered where I could go to review skills necessary to work if needed. I have worked in a clinic since I graduated and passed the boards. I don't plan to leave the clinic, but would like to work per diem in certain places, but don't remember how to drop a G-Tube, do dressings or catheter insertion. Could use a bit of IV knowledge as well. I hope to find one to suit my purposes, and good luck to you all re-entering the field.

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