LVN Reciprocity to CA; Foreign Grad


Hi Everyone! New member here with a problem and hoping that someone might be able to help me with.

I am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines (finished my BSN there) and recently passed my NCLEX LVN for Washington State last June 2017.

Due to unforseen circumstances, my family and I have to move to California (San Diego).

I sent my application for Reciprocity to the BVNPT a couple of weeks ago.

My question is, will the BVNPT allow me to practice in CA even though I am a foreign graduate? I am only worried because I know California is strict when it comes to RN'S who are foreign graduates. I am only hoping it is not the same if I work as an LVN.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice! :)


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Go to the BVNPT website and check out the requirements. If you have any questions, call them up. If you are licensed in WA, aren't you an LPN? Hence your user name here? LVN's are only in TX and CA. Until you get a CA LVN license, you should use LPN when referring to your license status, that is, if you are licensed. Check out the terms of service for the site.


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While you are checking out the BVNPT website, you should go over to the BRN site. See what you need to do to get a CA RN license. It may take longer, but will greatly expand your job opportunities.