LVN program and bridge or wait for RN program?

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I got into a lottery based LVN program at a CC. This school doesn't require me to obtain any loans since the program is only $2000. I know alot of people go to private school for this and pay $20,000 or even more..which makes me feel lucky to have got a spot in it.

My long term goal is to become an RN. The idea is to complete the LVN program then bridge on to RN.

My dilemma is this: I work at Kaiser and have a great job that pays well, has great benefits, I make my own schedule..have my own office.. but I am part time. I can't stay in this position forever because I can't afford to and the position isn't my passion. However, many people within kaiser who i've spoken to (RNs, CNMS, etc.) advise that I don't go for the LVN program because going straight to an RN program give a better education. I've also heard that RN's with BS degrees are prefered. If I do LVN to RN, is it possible to go from RN to BSN? I've taken every possible prerequisite and am afraid they'll begin to expire and I'll have to retake them. (I completed them in 07.) I'm confused. I feel rushed that I must do the LVN program because of having to retake prerequisites, as well as the thought that I may never get into an RN program being that there severly impacted in california. The LVN program i got into is ideal and cheap but it a good idea? I'll lose my job, which is great! And know that alot of places don't hire LVNs anymore (hospitals at least.) Does anyone know..are LVN to RN programs impacted? Is it possible to bridge from LVN-RN to BSN? Would taking this route give me as good as an education as if i went straight to RN? Or is it smarted to wait to get into an RN program?

To wait or to go for it?

Any advice appreicated. Thanks!!

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