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Hello Everyone,

I am currently enrolled in an LVN Program, expected to start in Sept. I live in Long Beach, Ca, but am willing to travel to SFV or Orange County if I need to for higher salary. My primary goal is to become and RN, but I work full-time so I am going the LVN-RN route. I would like to here from some Southbay LVN's in regards to salaries. I make $52K a year as administrator for a corporate firm. I have my Medical assisting cert and worked in the Medical field for 3 years (office manager for a doctor in Long Beach) in the past.

I'm not too happy with my current work environment so I was wondering if maybe I can consider quitting my job when I get my LVN and work as an LVN while I pursue my RN. I am very passionate about the medical field.. I love everything about it. Do LVN's usually work 12-hour shift or 8? What is the starting Salary typically? Would it be beneficial to get my IV cert? Are LVN's offered sign-on bonuses? If yes, how much?

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No sign on bonuses for LVN's I'm afraid we just aren't that valuable. Most LVN's work 8hr shifts except for the few that work in the hospital. I'm not sure if you'll be making as much as you are now maybe


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I received a $1000.00 sign on bonus for a job I took in a LTC facility when I was an LVN. I live in the Monterey area and from what I have heard, this is one of the highest priced and highest paying areas in California. The only opportunities for LVN's around here are nursing homes or prisons. I did briefly work at a hospital but they were only trying out LVN's and ultimately decided not to use them. The difference in LVN/RN pay is mind boggling to me. Here, LVN's make $22-$25/hour compared to the RN's $35-$45/hour. In acute care, there are CNA's that actually make more than the LVN's. Good luck on your schooling..........rush to that RN so you have more choices!!


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I'm in CT, so I don't know how relevant this will be to you, but both locales are high cost of living areas.

99 percent of jobs are in LTC/rehab facilities. There are some openings in doctor's offices from time to time but these pay way less than LTC does.

I did get a $3,000 sign-on bonus at my facility, but this is the exception, not the rule.

Hospitals very rarely employ LPNs anymore in my area, and even if they were hiring I wouldn't go that route because I can't imagine chasing down RNs to do my IV pushes and assessments. It honestly almost seems like more of a burden than a help to the RNs on the floor.

Pay is 20-24 per hour. I don't think you would make as much as you do now unless you got a position with available overtime.


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Does any one know what an RN makes in EL Paso, either as a new grad or someone with a 5 years experience.

Please help!



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