by Nurse Abella Nurse Abella (New) New Educator Nurse Student

Specializes in LVN. Has 15 years experience.

I have experience as an LVN and am currently in an RN program. In order to get a better understanding of my new upcoming role, LOL, I have left my job as a CNA instructor and accepted a position at a acute hospital in med surg and ER. I have worked many departments but this is my first time in acute care. I wanted to be in the environment as much as possible. Any advice from other experienced LVNs in acute care. for ONE thing I noticed on my first night of orientation, all my preceptors are RN and see the LVN on my badge. They speak as if I have never touched a patient in my life. LOL...14 years should count for something. what do yall think. 

Of course your years of experience count . you've worked hard and had a lot of dirty work to clean up. I don't like it when other nurses feel they are so much better than someone else . 

I bet youve been given tasks to do just because you were the LVN and the RN didn't want to leave her chair behind the desk .