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Hi all! I'm new to the site...actually I registered here because I have been considering going to vocational school to become an LVN and I wanted some advice from people who have been there - that's you! Internet research is one thing, but it's a different matter sometimes to hear from the people who live the life.

I guess first off, how did y'all know it was the right choice for you? I know I enjoy people, and helping people is a highlight of my day. I like the warm-fuzzies...y'all know what I mean. I also want to make a decent living for my small children. Money isn't my largest motivator, but it's hard to look at your babies and NOT think of how to keep them fed and clothed, and keep the lights on. Lastly, there's only one school near me that offers an LVN program. The reviews I have read online were 50/50, and I don't know any alumni to ask....anyone who has been to Concorde in Texas feel free to tell me about your experience. The school reps make it sound great, but I think that's their job, right?

Thanks for any info and advice y'all can provide. I'm really looking forward to your responses. :yeah:


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I would look at the job opportunities. Look at the want ads. How many wants ads do you see for LVN positions rather than RN positions in your area? Call around to prospective employers and ask them what your chances for work with them will be once you get your license. If at all possible, you should maximize your chances of employment by going straight for an RN program. Good luck.

I would strongly encourage you to take a CNA course first before going into any nursing school, LVN or RN. Get your feet wet and work as a CNA and make sure this is something that you really want to do. If you can get a job as a CNA, then most likely your place of employment will hire you as a RN or LVN and that's usually the case for LTC facilities. They will just hire you as a nurse. In the hospitals, it can happen to, but it depends on your hospital. They wont promote you as a RN or LVN, there has to be a position opened. I know several RN & LVN (and I'm included as a new GVN) who work at the hospital who are still working as CNA's because the hospital isn't hiring new grads at the time. There can be a position open as RN II or LVN II or III and they wont hire you. It's a little bit different in the hospitals. LTC is a little bit more flexible than this.

For me, I did the LVN route first, because RN is so competitive, I just wanted to be a nurse and I knew thatI would have a better chance getting into the bridge LVN-RN program, than straight RN. I'm not going to wait 3 or 4 years to finally get into a RN program just because I'm going to be stubborn and not get my LVN first. I'm going to get into the RN program however I have to, and if it meant doing LVN first, so be it. I did it, and now I'm going to be applying to the bridge program in January for Fall 2010.

I hope this information helps you. Good Luck!


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I chose LPN first for financial reasons. Honestly going straight to RN is a good option though. There are many more internship, and Graduate nursing jobs available for RNs, as far as learning experiences. I love my job but definately need to go back and get my RN soon! I like the RNs i work with but i dont always get the respect that they do from pts or even from coworkers, and at my facility its obvious that im and LPN because we wear a different color than the RNs. I cant tell you that getting my LPN first and working before going back to get my RN isnt good experience, but sometimes i wish i wouldve got my rn first. Nursing is nursing and LPN do the same jobs as RNs they just dont get the pay and respect a lot of the time. Hope this helped!

I know that LVN/LPN don't get the respect that they deserve. But it doesn't help that you're also only 19 years old. I'm sure you look very young and sometimes that intimidates people and they think that you don't know what you're doing. If they look at someone who's 50 and getting their LVN/LPN, most people would go to him/her because they look like they've been a nurse for years. It's sad but it's the truth, and there is a such thing as reverse age discrimination. I'm not saying that you're not competent because I've met some very young nursing students and nurses and they're very sharp and very mature for their age. Since you're a LVN already you have a lot of doors opened for you to get your RN and since you're very young, you can get it at an early age and gain so much experience that by the time you're my age you will have many years under your belt. Good Luck to you too.

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