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Hello all. I received my vocational nursing license in California. It has since lapsed/expired as of November 2019. I was looking into renewing it and am seeing mixed messages. I have not call the board yet...that's next on my list. But, one thing I read said I can renew my license within 4 years (meaning pay the fee and I assume complete my CEU's). Another thing I read said I'd have to pay the fee within 4 years BUT complete CEU's within 2 years. Which is it? I've been a SAHM since 2010, so I've not needed my license but would like to have it renewed if possible "just in case." Any insight regarding this issue is greatly appreciated!


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Hello; I would call your state's board of nursing directly and ask. You might be directed to email a specific person on the board, or to call another person in order to reach a licensing specialist who can give you a straight answer.  Some states have enacted pro-reinstatement measures due to nursing shortages, and from what I have read in the news, California is certainly one of those states.  You can find CEU's (contact hours) by going on the ANA/ANCC website; some are free and you will need to pay for some CEU's. Then you can upload all your CEU;s into one PDF for easy transmission via email or a company website (or the Board of Nursing website).  Welcome back to nursing and I hope that you can get a straight answer quickly!  



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I hope this will answer your question; I just copy paste what I received in my initial license application


Pursuant to section 2892(VN) and section 2590(e) (PT) of Title 16 of the
California Code of Regulations (16 CCR), your initial license shall expire on
the last day of the month following the month in which your birthday occurs,
beginning with the second birthday following the date on which the license
was issued. It must be renewed at that time and must be renewed every
two years thereafter.
Important Reminder: By law, if you fail to renew your license within four
(4) years of its expiration, it cannot be renewed, reissued, restored or
You will have to reapply for a new license and pass the
licensure examination.


Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education requirements do not apply to the first license renewal following the initial issuance of a license.
However, thereafter, you are required to complete thirty (30) hours of continuing education prior to your license renewal every two years.

Application Abandonment Pursuant to

16 CCR section 2512 (VN) and section 2571 (PT), your
application shall be deemed abandoned if your license fee is not
received within two years of this notification. Abandoned applications
and all pertinent records are destroyed at the end of the two-year