LVN License Verification on breeze/bvnpt website


Anybody know how long it takes from the time you pay the $150 fee til they post your license number online? I'm from California btw, I seen old posts on how long it took other people but they sent in their fee with a check via mail. I made my payment online..It's been about 2wks now and still no license # online..Does anybody have some info on this, thanks

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Hello. I am in California too. It took 3 days for my license number to post after I paid on the Breeze site. I took my test on Feb 23 and received my results a week later (so that may be why things were faster, but I'm not entirely sure). My classmates that took their test up to 9 weeks ago still haven't received their results yet, so I don't know what the hold up is with the BVNPT right now. I hope your number posts soon though.


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Thanks, I hope it posts soon too! I just spoke with someone who talked to a rep from bvnpt and they're changing things up over their (hopefully to be Faster!) and that's why theirs been delays on getting ppl back their results as well as the ppl still waiting for their att number. I guess I'm wrapped up in that mess as well :banghead:


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I also paid my fee online through breeze and was wondering how long it took for you. I paid mine on 7/20/16 and it will be 4 weeks tomorrow. I have yet to receive anything or has anything been posted online. I am very curious because i have jobs waiting.