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Hello! I need help please! I have an interview this Monday october 11 and this is my only 2nd time to have an interview as a lvn. I was wondering if anyone has had any interviews at silverado or any assisted living facilities that could share their experience regarding the questions they asked you... or and any tests too like filling up a medication chart or medication calculations. If so please share! I'm really nervous and. I had my license since february and I still don't have a legit lvn job! I really need this job! Thanks!

can people reply please :[

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can people reply please :[
I've never worked at an assisted living facility, so I cannot offer any specific assistance on how to get hired into an ALF.

However, you may wish to click on the link below to read up on the 50 most common interview questions and answers. You might be more likely to impress the interviewer if you appear to be a reliable prospect who has actually prepared beforehand and done some research on that particular assisted living facility. Know their mission statement. Have a specific reason for why you really want to work for the place. Good luck to you!

thank you so much! i have two days to prepare ahhh!!!

can anyone tell me about taking tests after the interview? i need to brush up on medication calculations!!! someone help!

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