2011 LVN Application

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


My overall pre-entrance application score is a 7.12 (out of 8) for my 2011 application in the Lonestar Tomball College Lvn program.Does anyone know what my chances are of getting accepted? :uhoh3:

I've been asking the same thing I got a 7.2 and another girl got a 7.4 so I'm hoping its like a 7 to get in wish u luck. I will post when I get my letter:up:

does someone know anything about taking toefl exam? i got accepted in lvn program in tomball, and they are asking me to finish toefl exam. i have an appointment for toefl exam on nov 13 and my orientation is on nov 19. they told me that it will take 2 weeks to get your score. and nursing dept needs it on the orientation. i am afraid i wont be getting the score until after the orientation. does some one have an idea, if they will still register me in spring 2011...

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