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HI, everyone , please give me some advice. I have a BA in computers, but want to be a nurse. I'm missing all my science pre-reqs. The local community college is wait-listed about two years out. So I have two choices... go to a private LVN (forget about the cost issue, because the military MGIB is paying for it) OR do online pre-reqs at CCConline and then apply to a ABSN program and hope that I can get in. I'm just so overwelmed with the whole process, I know that I want to be an RN , but at least LVN is a good place to start right...? Also to top it off, I got a JOB offer today with Social Security office. AHHHH>>>:eek: THe LVN program which is from 3-10 pm for classroom and days for starting Monday, the job wants me to start the end of June.

Please give me some advice. LVN or job and online pre-reqs to be able to apply to an RN/ABSN program ????


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Job and online courses to apply to ABSN program. LVN is unnecessary detour unless you find that you are not accepted in RN program. In that case you could use it to get yourself in position to do an LVN to BSN program. Good luck with those science courses!


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Thanks so much for the advice. One more question for you.... If it was between taking pre-reqs online to be able to try and apply for a ABSN spot or MOVE to NM, where I have found a direct RN program and are the school is testing people for it now, pre-reqs are included, so I could start right away. Only down side is moving, but with no husband or kids at 35 its really no biggie I guess.

Any thoughs?


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