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Lubbock UMC vs THR Presby

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Hey guys,

I am considering making a move to the Dallas area from Lubbock. I love my job at UMC but I hate Lubbock. I love Dallas, but I want to be happy working there. I am primarily focused on THR Presby as a potential work place. Any feedback would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.


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Hey there! Which THR Presby are you considering? You have Denton, Dallas, Plano, Allen, Ft. Worth just to name a few. The system is large. We also have a few part physician owned facilities that does their own hiring. What kind of nurse are you?

I'm A medical icu nurse. I was interested in the dallas location.


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Go with Baylor Dallas or parkland


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Presby Dallas is now a level 2 trauma center and fairly busy. I work for the central staffing office as part time. Essential I'm float pool for the entire system but only float to ERs. I work when I want just as long as I get my 24 hrs hours in. In my experience Baylor pays low compared to other hospitals and I worked at parkland for 3 yrs as staff and 2 prn. I love and miss parkland but for a seasoned nurse, I'm not sure you want the headache. The HCAs use a charting system called meditech which drove me insane. I've been a nurse for 8 years, did some traveling and local seasonal contracts and the in the Dallas area THR was the best place to work. If you are seasoned I would look into the central staffing office. That's if you like flexibility. They offer a higher rate, you have to cross train at least 3 facilities but you can pick up shifts wherever you want and receive the same benefits as if you worked at one facility.

Call or text me. Ricky 512.947.6121


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