LTCF or Home Health? I'm in a quandary...

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Hello ladies and gents! I passed my STNA exam last weekend (got my little laminated card in the mail on Wednesday). I do have a plan, since I am beginning prerequisites for an RT program this spring. My plan is to eventually work at the local hospital as an STNA, and then once I complete my degree, transition to an RT position at said facility. However, I realize it can be difficult to land employment in a hospital if you already don't have some kind of a shoe-in (which I don't at the moment). So, I am ready to pay my dues at a LTCF or Home Health Agency while volunteering a few hours a week at the hospital as a way to get my foot in the door. I'm just not sure which would be the better direction. I will make about the same money, but HH will be more flexible with my school schedule. BUT, in order to keep my STNA certification, I will have to work for an LTCF in the next 2 years. I went to a job fair today, and have 2 interviews next week for HH agencies. I'm just not sure which I should agressively pursue. Thoughts?

PLEASE take time to READ what others say about LTC facilities! I just got hired at an Agency and am so relieved AFTER reading their posts- working no-stop, sweating, striving to stick to routines/schedules, tend to assigned residents personal care, and feeling wiped out at the end of day/shift. Seriously, I would have to say it is a "Fitness and Age" issue on where you choose to work. I am middle aged and somewhat fit- have more upper body strength than lower and not the strongest back. So HH Agency was a WISE choice for me, and more so cause I am a new CNA. Choose wisely! Good Luck!;)

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