What do you think about a new nurse working in a LTC facility as a unit manager. Do you think their license are more at risk for being suspended verses working in a hospital? I have an interview tomorrow for LTC facility and someone told me that I should not work in a LTC because I will be putting my license at risk. I have been applying for jobs at hospitals but I haven't received any calls for interviews yet so I decide to apply for LTC RN positions and work until I can get a job offer in a hospital. What do you think?

I am in the same position as you. I just got hired on an LTC unit and I didn't give much thought to the license being at risk. Just glad to finally put my license to work. I am interested to see what people say. The other concern I have is what exerience will we be considered as having? Everywhere wants experience do you feel this will foot the bill when we go to apply elsewhere?