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Hello, I have posted a little of my story on here before, but very long story short, I am a relative new grad, got my license a year ago in June. I started out in the hospital and failed the first orientation \(it was not the best floor for a new grad\). I then went to another hospital, where I thought it would be a much better fit..... I again failed and figured out that I was not ready for the hospital environment, even though I desperately want to be there.... So I made the decision to go to LTC to get experience. Now I am looking for stories of those that have worked LTC and then transitioned to med\-surg. Did you find that your experience really helped? Was it easier? Do I have any hope of being hired back on at a hospital after two failed orientations \(P.S. I resigned.... was not fired\) if I can show that i have a year to a year and a half or so of LTC experience or so? At this point, I would probably be staying at the LTC for at least another 6 months or a little more. I just went full time about 2 months ago \(I had been on call/part time since November\)


My last employer abolished their new graduate program in favor of hiring "newish" nurses who wished to transition to acute care from long term care. Of the six hired, five were spectacular. One did struggle a bit, but they still managed to make it.

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