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I am an RN in central Indiana and I have had years and years of hospital experience. But I have been offered a part time evening shift position in a long term care center and I have to return my completed application next week. I have absolutely no idea what salary I should request. Any one in this area know what the going rate is for "entry level" LTC RN's? I make close to $35.00/hour at my hospital job. But with this economic situation I need to pay off a few bills and replenish my savings account. I cannot afford to "short myself" in my salary request yet I do not wish to go in asking for an exorbitant amount of pay either.:redbeathe

I have almost 30 years nursing experience with the last 20 or so in the hospital setting. I have not worked in a LTCF since 1988.

I appreciate any information or suggestions.



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Depends on the facility but for the ones that I have had contact with are anywhere from 18/hr to 23/hr for an RN. They have offered a piddly .50 more an hour for evening and no w/e diff.

Some have weekend only and offer 3.00 more per hour though.

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