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I'm a new CNA and was just offered a position at a LTCF. However, I have an interview next week at a hospital that I would love to work at. I don't know what to do. Do I take the sure thing position at the LTCF or wait and see with the hospital interview?:confused: Help!

Thank you! I've just been playing phone tag with HR at the hospital trying to get this interview set up and everything.

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I would wait and see as well. CNAs can get a job at darn near any LTC, but if you've got a shot at a hospital position then I would go for it. Where I live, you have to have at least one year LTC experience before the hospital will even look at your application.

That's what I'd heard here too. I just applied just to see what would happen.

If you want to take actual good care of people do ltcf . If your in it for maybe MAYBE a 50 cent or dollar more and less caretaking do the hospital. Less rewarding also. If you just want money,run far far away from the CNA world.

I appreciate your opinion, but I respectfully disagree. I simply believe I may prefer the fast paced environment of a hospital.