New On Call procedure. Need ideas, suggestions - page 3

We've had several call ins as of recent and unfortunately every time someone calls in myself and the DON have to cover. Recently I had to work 7 days in a row. Most included my own duties in office... Read More

  1. by   achot chavi
    When staff work short, they must be made to feel appreciated, and compensated for the extra miles they have to go that day, Compensation need not be monetary, although some nice extra to the unit like a pizza or ice cream for the staff would go a long way. Letter of appreciation, or some other prize.
    You have to know your staff and what makes them tick, what approach to take to make them feel like going the extra mile is to their advantage and at the end of the day they get something for it.
    Activities that make the staff bond and care for each other will also help. Celebrating birthdays together or the like so that when one calls in, they dont see it as a burden but as helping him out and he will help you out when you have to call out...
    Keeping the positive atmosphere is the best thing you can do for your patients, your staff and the facility. Anyone grumbling should be asked to take a short 5 minute break, do some deep breathing and relax and come back to work, as complaining wont help and besides together the work will get done. Administration should see that it is hard and takes longer (I would ask for overtime if the staff just cant manage to get it all done on time) and shouldnt get the idea that the unit can manage short....or they might get ideas.
  2. by   aprildennis87
    This sounds like a good plan as long as the rest off the nurses are ok with this. A staff meeting may be a good idea too. At my facility if u are a full time nurse, you are required to be on call. On week days, the RNs take turns being on call. On the weekends, an LPN and RN are on call...the LPN taking care of staffing needs and the RN on standby in case a med needs to be mixed, there is an emergency, or if RN coverage is needed for the day. However, we are not paid extra for this and are usually sent home later in the week if we are in overtime. I like the plan that your facility has devised. I also think that nurses should be compensated for coming in on their day off or working over. However, most facilities are looking for ways to save money...I know mine is!