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New Grad RN as DON is a very bad idea, right??? Right?? Please give me some perspective, because I am just wondering. Is this even possible, has anybody experienced it before? Seems concerning to... Read More

  1. by   lumbarpain
    Absolutely Not. The facility may be in dire straits, desperate, or just needs a patsy to mold to their liking. It wouuld be a very tough thing to do. Too much stress.
  2. by   americanTrain
    I struggle day to day, most days, I want to cry too. And I have 12 years of experience. You have to know LTC backward and forward. Very tough
  3. by   c.oconnor
    As an administrator, I would NEVER hire a new RN as a DON. I just went through the process of replacing my DON, and I had some new grads apply. I'm sure they will make great floor nurses, but no new RN is ready for DON right off the bat!
  4. by   pixie120
    Truer words were never spoken.DNS job, on a good day, eats one alive, on a bad day, no experience.... sad
  5. by   pixie120
    Quote from sls73
    Please listen to what the others are saying and dont walk but run from this. I know the money and support they are willing to give you up front seems wonderful- it's not and most times it's not true. Yeah they may help you the first few weeks but that is short lived as they have their own jobs to do. You are the one hanging. I am telling you this from experience. I took over actually at a facility I worked for at the time in another position. I had little supervisory experience but had QA, RNAC, infection control, and staff development. I remembering saying at the interview that I wasn't old enough- meaning having enough experience or maturity to handle a position like this and they told me that they felt I could. I believed them. Well they were wrong. I am a perfectionist who feels that I need to be everything to everyone. I am in my 30's and there are many nights I go home exhausted both mentally and physically. I cringe when I hear the phone ring because I know it is someone at the facility calling cause someone probably called off. Did I mention the high school drama that you have to deal with from the staff? You want to tell them all to grow up. The stress is overwhelming at best and there are days that I just cry. I feel stuck most times now and feel I can't get out. It is hard finding a position that is M-F and with two children getting ready to start college soon- I dont want to work 11-7. I love nursing dont get me wrong and still could not imagine doing anything else- I just think I wasn't ready to take on this position and I have 20 years experience. I still keep hoping maybe I am in a learning curve and it will eventually get better.
    Wow, I can totally relate, not the job I thought it was, receiving NOT support from my owner, administrator, QIS survey difficult, headed back to Assisted Living!!! ASAP

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