Need spreadsheets or worksheets please!

  1. New to job & need to organize weekly/mo. meetings. Does anyone have a usefool tool to help me get started? I need to track falls, skin, wt, psychoactives, QA, pps, & triple check. I am not sure exactly what I need to be tracking & the facility I'm at didn't have good record keeping. How do I start this? Please Help, thanks.
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  3. by   PammyRN,CEN
    I am new to my facility as well, and don't have much DON experience. I could use some guidance as well.
  4. by   noc4senuf
    Sent you both a PM for info.
  5. by   b3nch08
    Me, too...Im a new MDS/ADON. Need a lot of guidance. Thanks a lot.
  6. by   noc4senuf
    b3nch08 I sent you a PM with my contact info.
  7. by   thomend
    I would appreciate this info as I am in the same boat. Thank you!
  8. by   noc4senuf
    thomend, I sent you a PM
  9. by   soshore
    Does anyone have the info yet? I'm new to site, got the PM but havn't heard anything... maybe I'm not recieving mail, can anyone help, thanks.
  10. by   noc4senuf
    soshore i sent you s PM.
  11. by   tracker2005
    I am also new and would love the helpful information. Could you pls send it to me also? Thank You!
  12. by   jaxnRN
    Can I also have a copy of these worksheets? I am in the same boat.
  13. by   noc4senuf
    Jax, I sent you a PM
  14. by   texastea
    would love to have a copy

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