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  1. A couple of months ago I accepted a position as a DON for a 60 bed facility. The facility and staff have been through so many changes in the past year, I am sure they were taking bets on the first day to see how long I would stay. Morale among staff is poor, there is little knowledge of policies and procedures, little respect for each other, and so many things that need fixing. Not even sure where to start. When I try to start in one place, I am pulled to another so the changes I would like to make never happen. I believe in this little place. I see potential and want to make a difference. However, at this point I just find myself frustrated. I switched from acute care to long term care because I wanted to have an impact on end of life care. I am in love with my residents and want the best for them. Any advice for new DON's that to start from scratch. I would appreciate it. I have a dream of where I want this little home to go...just looking for ideas in getting there. Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   Nascar nurse
    I attended a seminar recently and my take away message is "You have to plan to make time to plan". For years I've just let the job take me as it will...jumping from one fire to the next. I'm learning now that I have to assign a 1-2 hour window at least weekly to schedule a meeting with myself. This means close my door, put on some soft music and figure out where the biggest fire is and create a plan to conquer. This meeting with myself deserves as much respect as any other meeting I attend during the week and I have started insisting on no interruptions except in those same kind of instances that might pull me out of any other meeting. It actually is bringing me some peace and some feeling of accomplishment.