1. Went with the marketing manager of my ALF to see a person who wants to move in. Currently on a locked psych ward for depression hallucinating and of taking care of himself. Is obsessed with sex and is not allowed to see his grandchildren. When we went to see him I wanted to see his chart but the marketing lady did not want to be alone with him plus she said that I have the h&p with all his info. But on the day he was to come the DON of my facility and I went back to see the chart and have the DON meet him. Chart had nurses notes mentioning that he has a history of violence and the MD did not want him self administering any meds. Well in a personal care home we can only pour them into residents hand.
    Bottom line is the day he was to move in the director was called while on vacation and she said no. But marketing already took and cashed the down payment the day before. My DON told me that I should tell the director that I wanted to see the chart but marketing lady did not want me to leave her side and told me there is no need. I am new to all this and am afraid I am going to be blamed since I did not refuse the resident when I first saw him. Now they have to write a check to pay them back. Should I be worried about my job? I did not sign anything.
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I'd be more afraid of taking a violent sex offender than of paying him back some money.