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LTC contracted Pharmacy changing Orders!!!

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by AtlantaRN AtlantaRN, RN (Member)

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Anybody else have problems with the LTC's contracted Pharmacies???

We get all our class II narcotics and Comfort Paks from HP, but last

shipment of tylox, they didn't bubble pack for the LTC....so.....it was sent to their contracted pharmacy to bubble pack.....

I just got a call from the LTC as the patients daughter requested it be around the clock, well, that is HOW IT WAS WRITTEN!!!!!!!

2 weeks ago, md ordered Lactulose daily, and trisilate twice daily scheduled; and the LTC pharmacy changed to PRN....the facility nursing supervisor said "well, he has to ask for it." now this is a man that can say his name, but otherwise is unable to make his needs known, he is in a locked alzheimers unit.

Some days I just want to pull my hair out...........

Also, nursing supervisor said they have a procedure for incoming meds, and they write them on the mar (as the LTC contracted pharmacy by law is not able to print an MAR for meds they didn't dispense)....

HOW many have had this problem, and HOW did you resolve?

Any input is greatly appreciated....


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This topic is now closed to further replies.