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Hi All! I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice. I have been an LPN since April 1999, and worked in LTC since graduation (Dec '98). I am diagnosed Bi-Polar, and have noticed that about once a year, about this time, I have panic attacks and get crying spells that last for days. I am on medication prescribed by my psychitrist. I do see a therapist on a regular basis. I am told that I am a very good nurse and I enjoy working with my patients. I'm wondering if I'm in the wrong profession or maybe just the wrong branch. Should I go back to school for some other line of work? I was wanting to go back to school to get my RN but I'm worried that it's a wrong choice.

Any words of wisdom out there?



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If it's always this time of year it's possible that it has more to do with the change in the weather.... not as much sunlight.... rather than being in the wrong profession.

I have depression and my dh is bi-polar type II and we both get worse this time of year. Some people with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) ONLY get depressed when we roll the clocks back.

I suggesting talking about this with your therapist and pdoc before you make any solid decision.

Take care.


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Please don't give up

LPN's are the most valuable staff any LTC facility can have

I am an RN. My roll at LTC is usually charge Nurse or Supervisor

I for one appreciate having a good LPN on the floor when I'm at work

They give the Meds, do the treatments, and usually do all the assessments. They come to me when something is amiss

the other day a LPN called in sick guess what no repalacement could be found.

I had to Supervise 3 floors that's 157 residents plus 18 HCA and 2 LPN's

I had to take over the Secured unit 37 rseidents. started morning Meds at 0630 done by 1100. Had 2 G-tubes, 6 falls, 3 ambulance calls , etc. Then came noon meds not so bad started at 1105 yes I took a five minute break.Done at 1330. Then I had to start treaments. And to top it all off I had 32 Vit B12 shots to give

When 1430 came (end of shift) I felt like a raving lunitic

I believe for you since it happens at this time of the year that it is SAD ( seasonal affect disorder) see your therapists perhaps you would benefit for light therpy





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Don't second guess yourself, you'll get through this, I promise. Know that you have the mind power to challenge this, because you do. Complete your goals, if it is to be a RN, than do so, if it is another profession, so be it. Whatever the case, know that you can accomplish it, you suffer from a disorder; not a character flaw, not a weakness. Good- luck in your decisions :kiss

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